St. George’s Orthodox Cathedral is an ancient parish church in the Angamali Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church founded in AD 52 by St. Thomas, one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. The Kunnakkurudy parish was organized in 1700 A.D. under the leadership and initiative of Mathunni , to meet the spiritual needs of the believers in and around Kunnakkurudy. These believers dissociated from their Mother Church at Kadamattam (i.e St. George Church). The new parish was thus born more than three hundred years ago. The construction of the church building was completed in 1714 A.D as is evident from the inscription on the steps of the Madbaha.

As years passed by, the number of parishioners increased considerably and a new church building became an absolute necessity. The foundation stone for the new building was laid in 1894. It took nearly seven years for the completion of the building and the consecration of the new church in 1901 by H.G Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysius, the then Malankara Metropolitan, assisted by H.G. Mar Ivanios (afterwards the Catholicos of the East), H.G Mar Athanatius and H.G Mar Gregorious (Parumala Thirumeni).

Now the Cathedral looks after the spiritual and religious needs and concerns of more than 800 families. The present vicar is Fr. PROF. A K VARGHESE AND ASST. VICAR Fr. K K VARGHESE . The new church building is unique in its architectural design. The moving spirit behind the planning and execution of the building was Rev. Fr. Ithappiri (Chelattachan) who was a profound scholar and spiritual leader. His demise at the age of 53 was a sudden blow to the christian community and was an irreparable loss to the church. Two other devout priests whose honourable names should be remembered in connection with the construction of the present Cathedral building are Rev. Fr. Ithappiri ((Pulinattachan) and Rev. Fr. Mathai Keepanasseril.If our memnory is correct the late Fr. N.M. Paulose Narakath ( 1930- 1971) and Fr. Mathai Pulinat ( 1930- 1967) were devoted to the church and the diocese; they rendered selfless service to the community in accordance with its belief and relationship with God and Christ. Besides the above priests, who had dedicated themselves to the service of the church we on this occasion cannot but reminisce the whole hearted devotion and selfless service of Fr: Pulose Chalettu, Fr. Mathai Narakathu and Fr: Kuriakose Narakathu to this Cathedral where their permenant presence is still felt. Their illustrious examples are followed scrupulously and selflessly by the present - day priests in their service to this Cathedral in particular and our christian community in general. Mention may here be made of Fr: V.V. Behanan; Fr: P.O. Mathai, Fr: Jose Isaac., Fr: Paul Thomas, and Fr: Boby varghese who are at present serving in some orthodox churches in India and abroad after having rendered valuable service to this Cathedral during their presence here.

We are grateful to God for all the good things that have happened in our parish church in the last 300 years; we are sure that the prayers of saints, the guidance of spiritual fathers, and the munificence of devotees and well-wishers have been with us. We consider it a great privilege that H.H. the Catholicos of the East, the late Mar Baselius MarThoma Mathew II was pleased to raise our church to the status of a Cathedral on 20th Nov. 2001. The Present Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan is H.H. Baselius Mar Thoma Paulose  II (Valiya Bava H.H. Baselius Marthoma Didimos I) I who is ably assisted by his would-be successor H.B. Paulose Mar Milithios. Metropolitan of Angamaly Diocese H.G:Youhanon Mar Polycarpos.


The Cathedral celebrates two festivals every year - one in the sacred memory of Yacoob Burdhana and in remembrance of the laying of the foundation stone of the church building on the 21st November (Vrichikam 8).The other festival commemorates the patron saint of the Cathedral namely St. George on the 6th and 7th May every year.



The immortal holy relics of Yacoob Burdhana received from St. Mark’s “ Upper Room” in Jerusalem are interred in the Northern Altar of the Cathedral. The place where the remains lie has to be sanctified skillfully to attract attention of the worshippers. The expenses for this will come to more than two lakhs. This can be done only with the generous help of the pious devotees.



The Cathedral gives necessary incentive and takes suitable initiative in organizing and conducting spiritual and religious classes and associations. Under the Cathedral a Sunday School having 350 children is functioning effectively. There are other organizations such as the Youth Movement, MGOCSM; Balasamajam, Vanitha Samajam, a prayer fellowship called Immannuel Suvisesha Sangam and a Divya Bodhanam Unit functioning in full swing under the able leadership of the Cathedral.

The activities of the Cathedral include Christmas Carol Service under the auspices of the Sunday School and Youth Movement. A Community Health Centre in association with the Malankara Medical Mission Medical College Hospital, Kolenchery is also functioning in one of the rooms of the Cathedral.



Kunnakkurudi, Orthodox Cathedral has 16 family units dedicated to Christian faith. The main objective of the family units is to encourage and enhance the members conviction in Orthodox Syrian Christian faith. Meetings are held in one of the houses of the members of an area and it encourages their familiarity and acquaintance with the principles of Christian faith and fellowship.

The present managing committee of the Cathedral propose to construct a PARSONAGE (Residence of the Vicar) with in a short period of time.






Satarday    8.00 a.m.     Sunday    8.15 a.m.



Nov 20 - 21(festival of laid foundation stone- valiya perunnal)( vrischikam 8)
May 6 - 7( festival of St.George) Medam 24

Mar Gregorios Chappel Kunnatholy Kavala


Oct. 30 & 31
Perunnal Conventions

Nov.1 Sunday
Holy Qurbana & Holy Feast

27 th September 2009 2.30 p.m

Inauguration of Cathedral Website.

Memorial Service (Public meeting) & Death Centenary Of Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Divannasios-V

Venue - St.George Orthodox Cathedral Auditorium.